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Plant & Equipment Warranty

Binding Authorities.

Structuring Schemes

Structuring a scheme takes hard work. It involves a demonstration of competence to Underwriters that the party - an MGA or TPA - has the ability to distribute product and manage claims within agreed set parameters.

Scheme Approach to Underwriting

Deploying systems to effectively manage distribution of product via a network of agents or even online can be very expensive and costly to manage both in terms of money and time.

Setting up repair and replacement networks, and claims validation processes is also not without expense.

The above processes and procedures are almost taken as a given by an Underwriter when he seeks to delegate Underwriting Authority.

Demonstration of the above however, is not necessarily so straight forward.

What do we do?

As Underwriters, we know what the expectations are likely to be. We sit down with you to ensure that your presentation can address likely concerns:

Product Design

Often we can work with you to design new product to take to the market.

We provide firm advice and guidelines both with you and Underwriters in respect of:

Research and Evolution

The facets of product design can be very challenging and the following factors need to be considered:

Case Exceptions And Special Acceptance

Assuming we have put together a program with you and this has been signed off and implemented, from time to time terms may have to be varied.  

We work with you to ensure that a case is presented to Underwriters that adequately reflects the profile of the risk to ensure that you get full sign-off.   

A list of some the schemes we have implemented can be found in the navigation bar in the top right hand corner.

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