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Contact: Mark Standen

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Working with our partners and associates we can provide solutions to meet the individual needs of each client through a customized claims handling strategy and administration program, designed to exceed client’s expectations.

These systems can be white labelled into any client’s brand with the objective of providing a transparent, efficient and cost effective solution that enables a hassle free outsourcing of the management of claims, recovery management and related services.

These systems allow Underwriters to achieve higher efficiency, greater  awareness and penetration of product sales to a larger selection of  people. The primary focus is to bring in a reduction in claims cost by effective claims administration without compromising the customer services experience, and bringing new standards with the help of advanced IT solutions.

An online claims solution makes accessibility to claims information interactive and responsive to every interested parties needs, from the Customer, through to the broker or agent and Underwriter. A greater accuracy and more integrity in the provision of claims information reduces fraud and claims cost. This can feed through to either the Underwriter in greater profits or the Policyholder in lower premiums.

Third parties involved in the repair and claims management process can turn around the claims process robustly particularly with the advances in mobile device applications that can be used to improve communication more quickly to the wider audiences. An authorisation code or claims ratification procedure can easily be transmitted by sms.

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