International Insurance Consultants

Contact: Mark Standen

Tel DL: +44 (0) 1322 476 276 . Mob +44 (0) 7427 628 886 Mocden					| Ins Services Insurance Services Mocden
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We have partners in the following   territories:

Bisbane, Australia.


Bangkok, Thailand.

Warsaw, Poland.

Prague, Czech.

Madrid, Spain.

London, UK.

Dubai, UAE.

Texas, US.

Florida, US.

New York, US.

Chicago, US.

Ontario, Canada.

Vancouver, Canada

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With a strong network of international partners we are well placed to provide a true international platform for our clients. Our ability to leverage off the strength and expertise of our Managing General Agents “MGA’s” or Third Party Administrators “TPA’s” in both distribution and claims administration, positions us well with our Underwriters.

In turn by joining up the expertise of our MGA or TPA partners with Underwriters allows the risk exposure to be adequately covered by insurance.

We are well placed to get a feel for Underwriter’s risk appetite and given the competencies of all our partners can comfortably communicate any recommendations to new parties either submitting speculative enquiries or well detailed submissions insofar as the likelihood that we can assist in the placement of their program or insurance risk.


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