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Our Partner, ADI Agency has developed WarrantyConnect a comprehensive web-based warranty management application customised for both dealerships and OEM’s of construction equipment.


WarrantyConnect for Dealerships

WarrantyConnect for OEMS

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Warranty Management Software

ADI has developed a custom warranty management software system - Warranty Connect - which streamlines efficiencies and automates the warranty process for OEM’s and dealerships, alike. Allowing seamless communication between manufacturer, dealer and end consumer, Warranty Connect is the premiere software designed to connect all three!

Features include:

Authorized users in the system have the ability to follow their claim(s) from beginning to end and know exactly where their machine is throughout the repair process. To get started, Warranty Connect allows for real-time quotes and the the option to purchase a warranty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipped with the ability to provide full equipment history, Warranty Connect can also administer detailed machine data, past documents, and any available photos.

Warranty Software

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