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Heavy Plant & Equipment Warranty Insurance Facility.

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Our Warranty Facility

We have a worldwide Warranty Facility in place for Heavy Plant and Equipment Warranty.This Facility is supported by Lloyd’s.

Our Administration Solution is very robust. Our Partner – ADI Agency - has developed state-of-the art software which can be accessible by both OEM’s and Dealers. The functionality and reporting ability of this software together with their claims handling, has enabled us to be given approval from our committed Underwriter to market the service as an insurance facility - worldwide.

The challenges involved in getting a worldwide insurance facility cannot be underestimated.This means we can work with Brokers, Agents and other Distributors of Heavy Plant and Equipment Warranty. The success of these programs is not only down to a successful marketing strategy, but equally to a robust Administration and After Care Program:

Accordingly we offer the full Administration solution from the offices of East Syracuse, New York, USA.

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Our Worldwide Warranty Facility

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