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In a tough economic environment what are your client’s concerns?

Involuntary Unemployment

Brand Enhancement

Involuntary Unemployment Protection

What is Job Loss Protection?

Since the credit crunch of 2007 consumers are still anxiously awaiting the gradual recovery of crumbling economies. In fact key research indicates that one of the major factors people fail to meet their financial obligations is as the result of loss of income following the loss of their job.

In essence Job Loss Protection provides the customer with the protection “it states on the tin”. For any Distributor of goods and or financial services this is good news.It allows their customers to continue to receive their goods and services as their committed monthly repayments are covered by Job Loss Protection.

Using Job Loss Protection to create a Credit Enhancement Program

Job Loss Protection can provide a layer of protection against delinquent payments due to involuntary economic loss of employment income threatening future expenditure patterns. Depending on the underlying goods or service payments being protected Job Loss Protection can minimise delinquacies and provide some form of cash flow protection.

Using Job Loss Protection as a credit enhancement tool means that as a Distributor you can advise your customers that their monthly obligations will be covered should they become involuntary unemployed.

Customer Segments

Job Loss Protection is designed to be offered to all customers forming part of a particular consumer segment. This approach to distribution affords the Underwriter with an equal mix of all risks, it also severely minimises the possibility of adverse selection, i.e. cover only being offered to customers presenting the worst risk profile.  

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