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Blanket Cover

Vehicle Return

A program designed to cover all clients of a Leasing Company.

In the event of a Vehicle Return this cover provides protection to the Leasing Company for the negative difference between the client’s last scheduled payment under their finance agreement and the market value of their vehicle.

Permitted and Approved Vehicles

AliquaDealer has first option

Increase Quality Used Vehicle Stock

Guaranteed Vehicle Return

Guaranteed Vehicle Return

Guarantee Vehicle Return

Permitted and Approved Vehicles that can attach to the program must be agreed in advance.


In the event that a customer declines to make the last scheduled payment under their finance agreement and decides to return his vehicle, the Authorized Dealer has the option to buy the vehicle.

The program is structured and designed in a way that the Authorized Dealer is well positioned to replenish his hard to find quality used vehicle stock.


Vehicle Return Guarantee

Vehicle Return Guarantee

Scope of Cover to be agreed and finalised with Leasing Company:

Program to be tailored around permitted and approved vehicles.

Scale of Last Scheduled Payment to be approved.

The Limit of Permitted Returns as a percentage of Vehicles Financed to be agreed, but will not be greater than 20%.

Vehicle Purchase Price limit to be agreed at outset.

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