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Customer Fears

Customer Confidence

Involuntary Unemployment Protection installs Customer Confidence.

This confidence can lead to a positive buying decision, with the security and knowledge that Job Loss Protection is there to eradicate the possibility that a Customer will default on their monthly committed repayments following job loss.

This confidence can also over-spill to the Distributor, as the latter has the additional security to reduce account delinquency and default costs that would otherwise compromise cash flow, and affect the long-term security of their business.   

Coverage is offered to all persons who at the effective date (start date) of cover are Gainfully Employed and over the age of 18.

Gainfully Employed means full-time employment for wages, salary, or other monetary reward and working a minimum of thirty (30) hours each work-week. “Gainfully Employed” does not include self-employment income, contract hire (1099 income), barter-for-trade compensation such as room and board, or any other non-monetary payment.

Coverage Terms can vary from 12 months to 36 months, and provide up to 6 months benefit any one claim. A re-qualifying period, where applicable, of  twelve weeks gainful employment must be observed before a customer can reclaim under the cover.

Coverage Benefit is constructed to protect the customer’s scheduled monthly account payment, and will continue until the customer is no longer involuntarily unemployed or the maximum number of payments have been paid for the job loss occurrence or the State or local unemployment or governmental agency stops paying benefits.

At the start of cover a vesting period is applicable, which means a time period where claims occurrences made are not covered.

Protection for customer scheduled monthly account payments of up to $2,000 can be considered.


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