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Most commonly designed to provide an extension to the Manufacturer’s Guarantee.


A warranty is a guarantee that is issued by the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer promising to repair or replace it, if necessary, within a specified period of time. An extended warranty is coverage for electrical or mechanical breakdown. It may or may not cover peripheral items, wear and tear, damage by computer viruses, re-gassing, normal maintenance, accidental damage, or any consequential loss.

Mobile Phone/Electronic Equipment Cover

These types of cover generally extends the period for which the customer is entitled to a repair or replacement of their electronic equipment (i.e. mobile phone, PDA) and  extends cover for up to 90 days whilst you are abroad.

The electronic item must be less than 12 months old with a valid proof of purchase.

The cover protects the insured for repair or replacement costs if their electronic equipment is damaged as the result of an accident, theft or electrical or mechanical breakdown that occurs outside the manufacturer’s guarantee period.

Extended Auto Warranty - An extended auto warranty is a service contract between the owner of a vehicle and an auto warranty provider, the latter which may be either the original manufacturer or a third-party.

All new cars come with a warranty that cover repairs for a certain period of time and a certain number of miles, such as 3 years and 36,000 miles. At the time of sale, auto dealers may sell car buyers an extended warranty offered by the manufacturer.

When that time period runs out, consumers have the option to purchase an extended auto warranty from a third party, which is not an extension of the terms and coverages provided in the original car manufacturer’s warranty, rather it is a new contract provided by a third-party provider.

Household Appliance Warranty (commonly referred to as Brown and White) - policies are available to cover repair costs following breakdown for most household appliances. Most policies cover the costs of parts and labour.  There is usually a maximum amount payable during the term of the policy and some may have a limit on each claim.

If the appliance cannot be repaired, some policies will replace the appliance with a new one of similar specification, or pay a cash equivalent if a similar model is no longer available. These are often called “new for old” policies.

Other policies will make good up to the current value of the appliance after depreciation. If any appliance is replaced the policy will usually end.

Some policies provide additional benefits such as accidental damage or frozen food spoilage.

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