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Cover to provide protection against unexpected loss of income.

Accident, Sickness & Involuntary Unemployment

Uncertainty created by loss of income as a result of accident, sickness and involuntary unemployment can lead many people to despair which can even lead to mental health issues. Programs can be structured to cover these perils in total or in isolation.

This cover is sometimes referred to as Income Protection.

Cover is provided for short-terms of involuntary unemployment or disability caused by accident or sickness.

The protection offered is designed to protect the customer for loss of income and is mindful of the committed debt repayments of the customer.

Unemployment Only cover is only provided on its own  if it  forms part a program offering provided on a mandatory basis.

Maximum Indemnity Payment Periods

Maximum Payment Amount

Minimum Re-qualifying Periods in between claims

Applications for Cover

To cover the perils of accident, sickness and unemployment for customers with contractual committed monthly repayments covering unsecured loans, personal loans, mortgage, finance and leasing contracts, utility bills, credit cards of affinity or group membership payments

Programs can be structured as either insurance or waiver.

Programs structured as waivers in the US significantly ease the compliance burden.

We have particular experience of structuring these programs in the US, Middle East and Central Eastern Europe.

We have a preferred Managing General Agents/Third Party Administrators for these territories.

We would like to hear from any enquiries from Agents or Distributors in relation to opportunities in these areas..

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