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Tenancy Assure

Working with key estate agents or property brokers in Central Eastern Europe we have developed Tenancy Assure and created a unique and affordable proposition which we believe promotes sustainable accommodation for a large proportion of people who for a variety of reasons rent rather than buy their own property.

What is Tenancy Assure?

Tenancy Assure combines:

  1. A Deposit Guarantee which can be used as a substitute for a Deposit.

                Damages caused by the Tenant to the                 Landlord’s Property

                Income Shortfall Protection

Why Tenancy Assure?

The terms of any tenancy agreement can leave the tenant cash strapped. An up-front deposit and a requirement to pay the first month’s rent payment in advance can push a tenant into unnecessary cash flow problems from Day 1.

Tenancy Assure shields the burden.

Rather than pay the deposit in cash Tenancy Assure is a useful substitute. Acceptable as collateral by the Landlord, the tenant can purchase Tenancy Assure and receive protection from income fluctuations caused by periods of disability or involuntary unemployment. Moreover its cost can be spread over 12 equal instalments.

Approximate Costing

Deposit Guarantee

5.25% of the Deposit Guarantee Amount as set by the Landlord and spread over 12 monthly payments

Rental Payment Assistance

Rental Payment Assistance up to 4.65% of your monthly rent

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