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Inbound marketing services will help promote the business of a Dealership.

Inbound Marketing Services for Dealerships

A carefully designed inbound marketing service will help promote dealership business and keep customers coming back again and again. With our partners we can provide custom plans and walk you step-by-step through SEO, blogging, website design and marketing campaigns. Inbound Marketing is today and certainly the future - and it’s how customers and clients are truly engaged.

Our partner ADI Agency has developed LOYALTY BOUND - A marketing strategy integrating your company’s goals, policies, and customer base into a comprehensive blueprint designed to achieve success. Whether you’re completely new to marketing or rather experienced, our PEER Strategy will help you achieve maximum ROI for all of your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Software is designed to bring your online presence together in one powerful, integrated system. This software provided by ADI Agency will drive traffic to your website, attract new prospects, and convert them into customers - meanwhile tracking your online marketing activities and investment.

It incorporates strategies like social media, SEO, blogging, e-mail marketing, and website creation. The digital marketing approach is proven to attract new customers and enable you to directly communicate with consumers.

Ultimately, these platforms help you to fine-tune and reach your target market-all at a low cost.

The software comes in an easy-to-use package, and will allow the user the ability to maintain the effective strategies to drive their dealership to increase more sales.

Customer Loyalty Platform - for dealers. This is specifically designed to boost dealership’s market share. Stimulating an avenue that drives services absorption through customer retention and increases ROI counts and ROI averages, the platform will ultimately escalate sales to end- users.

And because the platform is completely customizable with your dealership in mind, you have the ability to choose the number and type of accounts you’d like to offer your customers. With these accounts instituted in the chosen departments that are most fitting to you - sales, parts, service, and so on - you will see increased revenue in all applicable divisions. Once the Customer Loyalty Platform is applied to your dealership and exactly how you want it, your revenue and market share will boost simultaneously.

Customer Loyalty Platform For OEM’s - This is specifically designed around a comprehensive Rewards program that can be instituted in two ways, allowing you to choose the option that works best for you:

  1. A Rewards Program for Your Dealers - A program that is offered by the OEM to the dealer, this Customer Loyalty Platform allows dealers to earn dollars for floor planning and parts and extended service contract purchases. Ultimately, this will provide the encouragement and incentive necessary to stock more inventory, as they’ll constantly have dollars available in their accounts
  2. A Rewards Program Sponsorship - A program that is sponsored by the OEM and offered by the dealer to the end customer, this Customer Loyalty Platform will assist your dealers in financially-motivating the loyalty of their customers, providing them with constant incentive to take all future business to that dealership. The incentive lies in the ides that earned Rewards can only be redeemed in products and services offered by the participating dealership. \This expedites the opportunity for dealers to order more form the OEM, increasing market share for all parties involved.


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